Starfield Character Parents Finding Method.

Do you play Starfield? If your answer is yes then character is the most important feature that is given by starfield. But anytime a question comes to mind that your character’s parents live. If you want to know where your character’s parents are living then this post is for you.

So in this post we discuss that your favorite character’s parents live in a place in the Starfield universe. Also we know the perfect location and the way to find them and also know what are the benefits we get when we find them. 

Finding Your Parents In Starfield 

Star field is a game which provides you the option that you meet your character’s parents. That in the starfield game is called kid stuff. 

So the location where every character’s parents are living in a luxurious apartment of a building. That point or place is called the Pioneer tower. In the residential district of New Atlantis on the planet Jamison.

How To Get The Location 

To get the location of Pioneer tower we use an elevator. Then we reach their apartment that they get designated to live in.

Also finding your parents is not a hard task. When you just reach The pioneer tower you easily get your parents. 

If you choose the kid stuff traits, you can visit your parents for emotional support and you also receive gifts or a place to rest. 

Also used to the killed stuff, you do one work that you send them credits regularly.


So this is the simplest way that you meet your character’s parents. Also we describe the path how to reach your parents location. Then we describe what type of benefits you get when you will keep touch with your parents.

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