Starfield Main Misson Explain.

If you play starfield then here is a best post for you. Where we discussed that starfield men missions that provide for players. Also we know how to execute them and what are the rewards you get when you complete the mission. 

In this post we discuss some important starfield missions. Also give you the clarity on how to complete the mission and then discuss what type of  rewards you get when you own the mission.

Starfield main mission list

Starfield has different options. They provide a variety of missions by different factions you can join. Also when you complete the mission you get reward also here reputation point will increase. 

In Star field there are three main mission categories. 

  • Main story missions: this type of missions are plotted in the starfield universe. Where you solve any kind of problem. 
  • Faction missions: each fractions offers different unique missions. That you can join with their story and improve yourself also they learn new things to add.
  • Side quest: bij missions are very small missions. This type of mission you can create by yourself. Choose any point in the starfield universe.

So these are the main type of missions that are actually present in Starfield. All the game you play and mission you complete are based upon these three main core concept. 

Focus Of The Constellation Mission 

There are many fractions present in the starfield. They can focus on detailing the mission that is offered by the constellation. That is a measure starfield group.

  • Here you face challenges like, your name is uncovering the secret of a lost civilization. 
  • Also the mission is properly completed through these three types of work that are exploration, retrieval and combat.

So these are the sides where the starfield constellation team mainly focus.

Reward You Get When Complete The Mission 

Also starfield is not a one day complete game. Here you get different levels and different points. When you complete animation then you get different types of rewards. 

The rewards you get like reputation points, unique gear and access to new areas of Starfield. Also these things you do not get by paying any money.

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