High Price To Pay Option What to Choose

If you are a star field video game player then you know about the high price to pay. But you do not know why it is present and how you will do the work. Here we know all the things about the high price to pay in detail.

In this post we know what is a high price to pay. Also we know what are the effects of the price to pay challenge. Then we know how to choose between defending your base or resting your fellow friends.

High Price To Pay – A Tough Choice 

High price to pay is a very critical mission in Star field games. When you face a difficult challenge, you take a very warm decision. The choices you take that have permanent consequences that affect your friends and story direction. 

Here you choose between defending your bass or rescuing your friend explorer on the spaceship.

The Story Of High Price To Pay 

The high price to pay triggers after aquarium and artifact. A distress call that forces you to choose between something that is really important for you. 

Here is the choice that you get: 

  • You fight off an enemy attacking your base, where you lose a very good friend at this fight. 
  • The other option is that you have to rescue other fellow friends but your base is lost.

The Consequences Of  High Price To Pay 

Here the above two options are a chance to choose only one. Whichever path you choose your one friend will die.

On one side your space ship wheel dies while a good friend also dies. But in another case you choose you will lose your consultation member.


So you think that you will get a very good idea about the high price to pay concept. Also all the things related to the high price to pay we discuss here. 

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