Resonance Stone In BG 3 And Type Explain

We discussed the Baldur’s Gate 3 game. The topic is stealth and resonance in bg3. Every player has a confusion about the resonance structure present in bg3. But here we will discuss the topic and solve all the problems from this post.

In this post we know what are soft step trials then we know what are resonance stones. Then we know what difficulties come when we complete it. All the steps you know easily.

Resonance Stone In BG 3 

A tricky challenge that you face in the bg3 game where you avoid shadow creatures to  win the battle. 

Here the resonance stones come into the game that means special stones in Bladur’s Gate 3 game that grant unique abilities when you attune them.

What Is The Shadoway Secret 

The soft step trial is a challenging area in Bladur’s Gate 3 game. This area is placed within the gauntlet of shar. Player needs to snake through the trial. To get the umbral gym and Gate a key item for progressing through gauntlet.

Shadow creatures petrol the maze like trial and getting caught reset your progress. 

Here is a clear strategy for success: 

  • First you choose a high stealth character for natural advantages.
  • Cast spells like pass without trace to become unsee.
  • For a low stealth approach, teleport a party member directly to the end to grab the umbral gym.

Types Of Resonance Stones 

Resonance stones are three types. They are livestones which help to regenerate health slowly over time. Then another type of resonance stone is the mind stone that helps to increase your maximum intellect score. 

Also the third type or the last type resonance stone is fire stone which helps to grant resistance to fire damage. 


So we think a better understanding you get about the resonance stone. Also if you want to read more about resonance stones then it is not important. Because all the things about regional stone we discuss here. 

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