Lubricant In Starfield Help’s You lot

If you are a star field player then this post is really important for you. Because in this post we discussed a topic named star field lubricant. Max players do not know about the lubricant who are starting to play the star field video game. So don’t worry, it’s all clear in this post.

In this post we know what lubricant is started lubricant. Then we discussed why you use this. Then we know how to buy the lubricant. All the things we discussed in a step by step process.

Lubricant In Starfield 

Lubricant is a very valuable product that is present in Star field which is used for crafting and upgrading. These are very valuable products in Star field because they keep you in top shape. 

In your adventure of space the lubricant helps you a lot. They are used in different specific positions. Also it is not found everywhere. So it has a very costly product.

What Is Lubricant 

If we know lubricant detaily then we imagine the lubricant as the oil. As like oil that gives the machine of space exploration running smoothly. Also it is used for various purposes. 

We use the lubricant for enhancing the weapon performance. It also clears all spaceship parts problems. 

Why Lubricant Is Important

If you want to upgrade your equipment and your spaceship then lubricant is a required product. 

The lubricant helps the weapons for modification like faster firing rate and improved accuracy.

Also it helps you to keep your spaceship in very peak mode. The speed of your spaceship will increase through the help of lubricants. 

If you go to another planet and build and expand our post on the planet, lubricants help you to construct advanced structures and facilities.

Finding The Lubricant 

There are two main ways in the star field to find the lubricants. So the two steps we give you below. 

  • One is vendor shopping. You go to shops like Jamisonarchantile and the shepherd general goods store to purchase the lubricant. 
  • Another process to acquire the lubricant that is creature haunting, on a specific planet like beta Maria. You can hunt creatures called herding beetelcrab grazes.
  • These creatures give you lubricant when they defeat you.


So we think you will be clear about the topic of lubricants. Also the lubricant is not a major topic. But if you are new to Starfield gaming then lubricant is very important for you. Because in the weapons and spaceship lubricants are used.

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