Burden Of Proof in Starfield Full Story Explain

If you are a star field player then today’s small topic is really important for you. This time we will discuss the burden of proof. If you are an established player in Star field then you know about the burden of proof. Today we will discuss this topic in full detail.

This post we will discuss the quest for the burden of proof. Also it is because of how to find the clues. Then we discussed the evidence. Then we know the full story. And we discuss the rewards we get if we complete the mission.

Burden Of Proof in Starfield 

If we overall see the concept then burden of proof is a hidden quest in the star field video game where we will collect evidence to expose the wrong people who do crime. Also there is a strong possibility that one person does not do this and a whole group of people do the job. 

So we also found a criminal organization. First week collects the clues that are scattered throughout the galaxy. Then you connect all the close, then a whole picture comes to you. If you successfully do the job then you get a reward from the law enforcement team.

The Quest For The Burden Of Proof 

Here we did a side quest and wanted to find the criminal group. Because the quest is done within crimson fleet and uc syadef faction quest lines. You will work as an undercover agent. Collecting evidence against the crimson fleet for the UC syadef.

There are a total 20 evidence pieces that are scattered across the various locations. You will find the clues during the crimson fleet mission. Complete the side quest that is offered by the crimson fleet member also done in random statements.

Full Story Of Burden Of Proof 

When you collect the evidence these are datasheets containing incrementing information about the crimson fleet. After collecting all the evidence. You will do that.

You go to the UC vigilance. Then speak to the lieutenant toft. Then you hand over all the evidence that you gather. After giving the information you are credited and experienced. 

If you do the mission then you get rewards like unlocking the legendary Vipin called memento mori.


So we have detailed information about the burden of proof in Star field, you know. That’s how you gather all the information and you get rewards. Also we know the full story about it.

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