Mizora In Baldur’s Gate 3 The Spy Charcter

Mizora is a complex character in Baldur’s Gate 3. So here we discuss all about this complex character and what is the benefit that the character gives to you. So get ready to know all about mizora character.

In this post it discusses a complex character mizora. Then who discusses why the character is very important. Also we know that this character is the player’s choice or not.

Mizora In Baldur’s Gate 3 

Mizora is a complex character that is present in bg3. It is a lady character also it has power tied to another character’s will. Also that can add an impact on the gaming story. 

Mizora is a cambion. It has a creature part of the devil and another part is human. Work for a powerful devil named zariel.

Mizora Story In BG 3 

Mizora is wyll’s patron. The one who gave him his warlock power. Their relationship is strained. The mizora constantly pushing will to fulfill his pact.

She can be an ally who helps will or a manipulative force trying to control him. The moment where players can decide Mizora’s fate. You can save her from the clutches of mind flayer or kill her.


So I think you will know all about the Mizora character. There are no attachments with the good character and bad character. But it has both sides. One is an evil character and another is a human character.

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