Dribbles The Clown The Murder Mistry In BG3

Dribbles the clown in Bladur’s Gate 3. Today we will discuss this topic. Every player has many miss conceptions about the topic. So here is the post that solved your every query. So get ready to know all about dribbling the clone in bg3.

In this topic we discussed what dribbles the clone is. Then who discovered how to solve the modern mystery. Also know why we solve the puzzles.

Dribbles The Clown In Baldur’s Gate 3 

Dribbles the clown is a regular performer at the crisscross of the last day. But this is something dark. Because he will die after a good day.

Here players need to find scattered body parts to solve the murder mistry. Then the player has unlocked different rewards. 

Players play the game and assert the challenge because they know it is a difficult challenge and the quest to reveal the truth is hard so the reward is also high.

The Dark Secret Of Dribbles The Clown

Here in this case dribbles name person watch killed and his body parts are scattered throughout the bluder gate 3 different areas. 

The goal set for the player to re summit all the body parts of  dribbles and uncover the truth about the murder mystery. So this challenge is known as find dribbles the clown.

The Body Part Hunt Of Dribbles 

Here are the different positions or places where players can find dribbled body parts.

  • The undercity ruins that is a place where you get the dribbled body part. 
  • The open hand tample is another place. 
  • Lavernica’s house is also a good location.
  • At last the peartree house basement.

Your goal is finding all the body parts and placing them together that helps to solve the muerder mystery of dribbles.

Reward You Get 

There is no definite reward for completing these quests. But it is a very hard quest so your reward is also very high value. 

But most players demand after completing the quest to connect a hidden achievement like future connection in the game. 


So I think you got the best review about the dribble model mystery. Also we discuss where the locations you find the body parts are. Then we discuss what reward the player wants to get after completing the quest.

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