Armored Core 6 Hidden Parts Finding.

If you play the game Armored core 6 then you know that hidden parts scattered throughout are missing. That gives you powerful upgrades for your mech. So today we discussed this thing in detail and you know everything about it. 

So in this post we discuss in detail what thing in Armored core 6 is hidden. Also we know why we found them. Then we know what are the benefits we get from the hidden things.

Armored Core 6 Hidden Parts

In the game of armored core 6 and the power to customize the ac with different parts are in the control of the player.

The hidden parts are special things and powerful upgrades, players find throughout the mission of the game. But in the core sex these parts are not available through normal gameplay.

How To Find Hidden Parts 

The hidden parts are located in the container with blinking lights. Also it will be present in the beaten path location.

Some parts help us to reach specific areas. Then we completed our certain objectives before the container became accessible.

Benefits of hidden parts

Sure we explain to you that if you find the hidden parts what type of benefit you got from the game. 

  • You get more powerful weapons and equipment that you need. 
  • Improve your AC performance and its capabilities.
  • Also these help a lot because unique and rare parts are not available everywhere.

Strategy To Find Hidden Parts 

Here are some simple steps that follow this type of simple strategy then you find the hidden parts easily. 

  • Players explore the levels betterly, looking for hidden passages and secret areas to find it. 
  • Also you read some online resources and guides where the map presents to get the hidden parts location in each mission. 
  • For your information we tell you that all the resources are not perfect, so trust on big platforms.


So we think we can explain to you all the things about the hidden parts. Also we know the importance of hidden pads in the armored core 6. Also the thrill of finding them to enhance the AC is also very good.

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