Red mile Mistry In Starfield

For Starfield players, a red mile is a very very dangerous situation of a fight where they did not know what they did. But don’t be confused here, we will come with the best guide on how to fight in the red mile. We give you a step by step guide here.

In this post we will know what is the challenge to read miles in Starfield. Also we know how we survive in this fight. Also it is a very good position to test your gaming skill. Also here the risk is high but the reward is also very high.

Red mile In Starfield 

In the Starfield game, the red mile is a very dangerous challenge. Where in this challenge you will fight for Your fame. But here you will fight against very furious creatures. That they apply every move to defeat you. 

Also this location is known as the very furious location. This is based on the lawless planet porrima lll. This place is also known as the casino of starfield. In this challenge every creature on the planet can create deadly obstacles for you so this challenge’s name is red miles. 

How To Overcome The Challenge 

In the red mile challenge you will face very furious creatures that also come in the wave. Because the full planet is filled with the deadly creatures when you kill someone then another one comes to fight you. 

Here in this challenge you face other conditions you just prepare for them. These conditions are like explosions, difficult moves and constant fighting with the creatures to save your life. 

Here is the steps you follow to win or overcome the challenge of red mile:

  • You take powerful weapons and strong armor and plenty of supplies with you before attempting the red mile challenge. 
  • Also you still have to use it. We see that some players use the stealth tactic to avoid the enemy and reach their final step.
  • The red mile is a very dangerous test so only the skillful player will pass the test. 


The red mile is a very dangerous challenge but if you complete it then you see a significant amount of credit and you have fame among the ruthless patrons of the red mile. 

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