Balthazar In Bladur’s Gate 3  Dark Char

If you play Bladur’s Gate 3 then you know about the balthazar, an undead enemy. You only know about the fight style of balthazar. But it plays a great role in Bladur’s Gate 3. Also if you own the battle against balthazar then the reward box is very big.

So in this post we discuss who is balthazar. Then we know what is the work of balthazar in the Bladur’s Gate 3. Also we discuss when you fight the balthazar. So read at last to know all about balthazar.

Balthazar In Bladur’s Gate 3 

Balthazar is a very powerful and undead villain who has great power in his character. The main work of Balthazar is to stop you in the time of exploring. You can fight him in two locations during act 2.

Balthazar is a very powerful evil. Which is a loyal servant of thorns. They both played very high evilistic characters in BG 3. They do everything to complete their task that defeats you.

Where You Facing Balthazar 

You can fight Balthazar into locations in act 2. The first fight happened in the chamber of balthazar. The fight happened in the gauntlet of shar.

The second point is that you will fight with Balthazar, which is shadowfell. Balthazar  is the top opponent for every player. So you prepare in a very effective way. He used a combination of spells, summoned undead minions and ranged attacks.


Balthazar is a very powerful fighter who always tries to defeat you and he plays different actions to down. So we think you get all proper knowledge about Balthazar in this post.

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