Armored Core 6 Cheats Finding Method

Here we know about the armored core 6 chest location. We know in detail all the things about it. What is the core 6 update and how it benefited the players. Also we know the introduction of chest and how to help you in the game.

So in this post we know what the armored core 6 hidden chest is. Also we discussed what is the benefit if you find the hidden chest. Sorry that last everything about the core 6 chest location.

Armored Core 6 Chest Location 

Armored core 6 has hidden chests that are scattered throughout the mission. These cheats help you to do valuable updates in your mech. 

The cheats are very very powerful because in the cheat you find some best upgrades. Also you get an advantage in the time of mission and you know further steps that come to you in the battle. 

What Is Cheat 

Cheats are one type of sign that helps you in the game. The hidden cheats contain many parts of your mech. Like,

  • Weapons like powerful rifles or high power flamethrowers.
  • Booster available that helps you increase your mobility. 
  • Also it will enhance your mech core system.

How To Finding the Hidden Loot

In the armored core 6 mission there are a total 19 hidden cheats that are spread across the mission. 

So here is the step by step process to find all the cheats: 

  • First you can create a list of all hidden cheats that are present in the game. 
  • In each mission you find a cheat like the cheat is present in a specific landmark or an enemy encounter place or in a secret pathway. In this type of situation you find the chit.
  • Also you keep an eye out for off the beaten path areas.
  • Also you look out for hidden passages or broken walls.
  • Also you can use your scanner to highlight interactive objects which you can find cheats.


So we think that you do not know all the things in detail. That is how you find the hidden chetsin harmod core 6. So don’t waste your time and start your mission and find the cheats.

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