Thaniel In Bg3 How It Help You.

 If you are a Bladur’s Gate 3 player then you know about the character thaniel. You only know the character but the special thing that is in your game we describe here. Also give you the method that shows how you get the most benefit from the character.

So here in this post we know who Thaniel is. Also we know how you will search for the thaniel. Also discuss the benefits of the character thaniel. So get ready to use your thaniel character.

Thaniel In BG 3 

Thaniel is a special character in Bladur’s Gate 3 game. This character has a special power that it will split into two. Also you do not meet the character directly. Here the halsin comes to help you.

Who Is Thaniel 

In the game of Bladur’s Gate 3 Thaniel appears as a tiefling child. But he is a neutral spirit connected to the shadow cursed land. For the reason of curse thaniel is separated into two beings.

You directly do not meet with thaniel. Fast you will meet halsin who knows about thaniel place. Then you help halsin to form a ritual then you can find the first half of thaniel. Who is weak and injured.

Finding Other Half Of Thaniel 

The second half of thaniel goes by the name Oliver. Oliver appears as a playful spirit but he does not know about thaniel.

Your work is you find Oliver then reunite him with the first half to give super power to the thaniel.

Benefits You Get 

When you reunite thaniel you have got the support of halsin. That helps you every step in the game so carefully about it.

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