Lady Esther In BG3 Escape Method

If you are play the Bladur’s Gate 3. Then you know about the concept that is lady Esther. So if you do not know much about the lady Esther then don’t worry we are here to help you. Here we know all about lady Esther in BG 3.

So here in the post we know the topic about lady Esther. Also know what is the deal that the lady Esther provides. Then we know about the reasons why she provides the trade. Then we discussed your choice.

Lady Esther in BG 3 

In Bladur’s Gate 3 lady Esther is a merchant. Who offers you a trade deal in the time of gaming. The offer of the lady Esther is to trade a special egg for gold.

Also she gives you the choice. But the choice is tricky because the egg has an important impact after some time. So if you need gold then you can fight with her and beat then you get gold. 

Full Story Of The Lady Esther Egg Trade

In the game of Bladur’s Gate 3 special events will occur. When the lady Esther wants to acquire a special egg from you. Either egg is an owlbear egg and githyanki egg. She offers you gold in exchange for the egg.

But here is the catch in the story of egg. If you give the egg to the lady Esther then the egg will be the cause of death of innocent people after some time. 

There are other options available for you if you are not interested in giving the gold to lady Esther then you sell the egg any other place. Also you pickpocketing her after the trade. Also you defeat her in combat to get the gold.


So here we explain all the story about Lady Esther egg trade. If you give the egg then many people are going to die. If you do not trade then you lose marked gold. Also we give you the third option to fight with her and take the gold.

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