Guardian Charcter In Baldur’s Gate 3

If you play Bladur’s Gate 3 then you know about the mysterious guardian. So if you know the proper story of a mysterious guardian then you know all the things about guardians. If you stay at last then you know how to get the knowledge from the guardian.

In this post we know who is the mysterious guardian in Bladur’s Gate 3. Also we know what the work of The mysterious guardian is. Also what power the mysterious guardian gets. 

Mysterious Guardian In Baldur’s Gate 3 

The guardian in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a mysterious powerful figure who comes only into your dreams. The guardian gives you guidance. Also a cryptic connection to your mind flayer parasite.

You create the character guardian during the character creation. But after creating the character this will appear into your dream. So in the game it will be known as a dream visitor.

What Can Guardian Do 

The main work of the guardian is to give you guidance in the time of depression. When you lose again and again The Guardian comes to your dream.

The Guardian says that they are infected with a similar parasite and you keep fighting because you saved yourself from the evil thing. 

Guardian Work In Your Win

The Guardian encourages you to use the parasite power that is laid in between your character. Creating a powerful thought in yourself that you can win.

Also your interaction with the guardian can influence the story like you come to a romantic relationship, but it is as per your choice.


So I think you can betterly understand what the guardian character is. Also it is caused when this character is made. Then we know what is the work of the guardian. 

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