Check Your Storage In Starfield Don’t Pause Game

Do you face a problem when your spaceship takes up a big storage area? So here in this post we will give you the solution and in depth idea that storage space ship in starfield. So get ready to know all the tricks to save your loots.

So here in this post we will know about how to find the best place for storing your space ship, and also know about how to safely store your loots. Then we know how to keep it organized and advance the storage system.

Starfield SpaceShip Storage 

In the star field game, a spaceship is the one and only vehicle that helps you to travel from one place to another place and also gives you the facility to hold all your key things with yourself.

But the main problem comes when you go to park your spaceship. Also the hidden things that you find from different galaxies you hold all the things in your spaceship. So the storage of your spaceship is very important.

How To Find Spaceship Storage In Starfield 

In the starfield game there are two options to see your storage in your spaceship. Just follow our steps to know how to find the storage space of a spaceship. 

Just follow the step by step process. Here is the guide:

  • The first option is the ship menu, here you will pause the game first. 
  • Then select the ship option, then another option shoe that is cargo hold.
  • To see everything you just click on this cargo hold and you see all the things present in your treasure area. 
  • In the second option you check through the cargo hold console. 
  • You stop your spaceship, inside your ship cockpit a panel is present. 
  • You just click on it and it also manages your ship storage from here.
  • So you check your storage mainly for movie or personal inventory to cargo hold. So that you add other important things.

So it is the step by step process to see your  ship’s storage. Also we describe both types that you were in your game and check out. Also with the time of playing you check your storage.

Benefits Of Ship Storage in Starfield 

When you play a starfield game you move from one planet to another planet. Where you get new things and you also want to add into your pocket. So there is one option available for you that is only your spaceship storage. So to explore more freely and carry more loot your ship storage is important.

Also different players can organize their cargo hold to easily get the important items. When you upgrade your ship then you focus your spaceship storage because it gives you more efficiency. That helps you carry more things.

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