Chamber Of Justic BG3 Puzzle Solve Trick

If you are playing the bg3 game then you know about the chamber of justices. But to complete this puzzle, that chamber of justice is very hard. Every player of Bladur’s Gate 3 has unique perceptions about the chamber of justice. 

So in this post you get every detail about the chamber of justice. Here you know the chamber of justice is located. Also how to use clues to solve the chamber of justice puzzle.

Chamber Of Justice In BG3 Game 

You know that bg3 is a puzzle game where your mind skills will be tested. Like this justice of chamber is a concept of trial in Bladur’s Gate 3. Where you give the test is which type of justice skills you have. 

Location Of Chamber Of Justice 

The Chamber of Justice is present near a giant Gate. Here a very big dragon named Ansur will be present as the gatekeeper.

In the chamber of Justice field with paintings which show a crime and different punishments are present. Here the main work of the player is to choose fair  punishment for the crime.

How To Solve Chamber Of Justice 

To solve the chamber of justice puzzle, use your observation skills and use your mind. Here in the puzzle room you see there are multiple paintings showing punishment like hanging, cell and freedom.

So here is a chance for you to just see the paintings, what type of crime is and what type of punishment it will get. Then you use your skill and bring hair punishment for the crime.

If you win the battle then you get a reward and everyone dreams that you reach out to the dragon Ansur.


So aaj Hui promises you that we will give you all the information about the chamber of justice we deliver to you. We discuss what is the chamber of justice and what is the location and in this puzzle what to do.

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