Who's up for a leader's test? Check out which deu adeus brother is in charge.

Only one brother quit the fight for the last coroa on BBB22 (Rede Globo/EPTV) after 11 hours of resistance testing.

Douglas Silva was eliminated from the Leaderboard after ten hours of competition. O brother caused a luva of boxing to fall from the car's porta-malas, and as a result, he was declassified.

Arthur Aguiar, Eliezer, and Paulo André Lembrando remained in the competition as of 11:30 a.m. on Saturday (22); the first three to leave the Provódromo would go straight to the Paredo.

DINÂMICA Following Pedro Scooby's elimination, Tadeu Schmidt explained the competition to the contestants during the live show on Thursday (21), saying that there will be no time restriction. "You must always be aware of the telegraph's warnings. There will be a sign directing you to the location where you must go. First and foremost, everyone should pay attention to the basics. After that, when the telo appears, you will proceed to the station. Each one has its own foundation and personality ", said the presenter.

When you see the base's signal on the TV, you go back to waiting for the next command. "Si alguém é fora da base quando entra o comando para alguma estaço, é desclassificado," ele concluiu.

The challenge is different in each location and corresponds to a test that has already been completed in previous BBB editions. Who decides which state the brothers must face is the whole public (saiba como votar aqui).

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Eliezer é eliminado da prova do líder e está no paredão

Eliezer é eliminado da prova do líder e está no paredão