After losing in the Italian Cup, Napoli will be placed under 'permanent concentration.'

After losing in the Italian Cup, Napoli will be placed under 'permanent concentration.'

After suffering a virada in 10 minutes and losing 3 to 2 against Empoli, Napoli announced on social media that the team will be in constant concentration starting with the next Tuesday's practise.

Luciano Spalletti, the captain of Italy's southern team, spoke on the team's performance on Sunday and bemoaned the team's second defeat in the last three games.

My primary responsibility is to transmit on my attitude and level of preparation to the team. Three games remain to be played in order to compete for a place in the Champions League. It was difficult to imagine a final like this. We lose a lot of balls and make a lot of mistakes at our level.

Despite a strong start to the tournament, Napoli is now effectively out of contention for the Italian championship. Aside from that, the Italian team already has issues for the next season, such as the departure of Insigne, who will defend the Toronto FC.

Napoli takes an unexpected victory over Empoli and effectively gives the title prospects a boost.

Empoli, on the other hand, celebrated the outcome at the Carlo Castellani Stadium as if it were a legitimate title victory. With a spectacular victory, courtesy of Andrea Pinamonti's hat-trick (one of his goals was assisted by Napoli goalkeeper Meret, who was injured while attempting to leave the field), the Toscana team climbed to 37 points (14th place) and moved out of the relegation zone.

Mertens and Insigne, who will leave Napoli at the end of the season to play in the MLS, scored partonopei goals.

Following the game, Napoli announced that the players will be subjected to a perpetual incarceration regime beginning on Thursday and lasting until the end of the season.