How do I obtain Shangra Island Token from Lost Ark

How do I obtain Shangra Island Token from Lost Ark One of the numerous currencies available in Smilegate’s MMORPG Lost Ark is Island Tokens.

A lot of quests require players travel to an island. Sometimes, they’ll go off the beaten path and find a spot they didn’t know existed prior to.

How do I obtain Shangra Island Token from Lost Ark
How do I obtain Shangra Island Token from Lost Ark
Most islands found in Arkesia are available for purchase as Island Tokens. These tokens are typically earned by completing random tasks. To earn the Shangra Isle Island Token, players must gather Firm Peaches.
How do you get the Shangra Token from Lost Ark

Certain Island Tokens are more difficult to acquire than others. The players are aware of this. The Shangra Isle Island Token is one of the most difficult to obtain in the whole game.

Lost Ark players have to collect an eye-popping 5,600 firm peaches on Shangra Isle. The challenge isn’t in how Firm Peaches can be found, but rather how long it takes.

The players go on a hike through Shangra Isle looking for Firm Peaches. (Image via Smilegate).
There are some regular daily quests that players can undertake on Shangra Isle. The daily quests that players have to complete to earn 5,600 Firm Apples will require a total of 50 days.

Peach Blossoms are also found around Shangra Isle. Peach Blossoms are found throughout the island and are destroyed by one strike.

Participants and everyone else in the party will each receive two firm Peaches every when a Peach Blossom is destroyed. This makes cooperative play a essential part of the hunt for the Island Token.

A look at the giant tree used to plant the bud (Image via Smilegate)
Peach Blossoms can also be destroyed in groups. One party will receive two Peach Blossoms, and the other for the other. This task is best accomplished in a team.

However, it is quite a long time to obtain 5,600 Firm Peaches. This is the number needed to purchase the Thousand Year-Old Tree Bund at Shangra Isle Shop.

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The 5,600 Firm Peaches are able to be obtained in whatever way is possible. After that, visit the store and purchase the Tree Bud. Then, you can take the Tree Bud to the giant tree located in the eastern region of the island.can spend Island Tokens on the Lonely Island (Image via Smilegate)

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The tree will take players to another dimension. There is also another huge tree inside. Plant the Thousand-Year-Old Tree Bud in the same spot as the alternate realm’s giant tree.

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The Lost Ark Island token will be added to the player’s inventory. It will be added to the Island Tokens which can be used by Opher to buy various items on the Lonely Island.

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