OTT Review : Rudra – Raashi Khanna’s

Aak is once again welcoming to us. Today on blog Thenewz24 we will tell you about OTT Review : Rudra – Raashi Khanna’s web series and will give ott reveiew of this film, we will tell you everything how many people have liked or not liked this film OTT Review : Rudra.

Rudra Web series Credits

  • Genre Drama Crime
  • director by rajesh mapuskar
  • Starring Ajay devgn : raashi khanna : esha deol : atul kulkarni
  • actor ajay devgn
  • Producer Sameer Nair
  • Production companies BBC Studio
  • Original language Hindi
  • No. of seasons 1
  • No. of episode 6
  • Original release 4 march 2022
  • Original network Disney + Hoststar

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OTT Review : Ruda – Raashi Khanna’s

Today we will talk about Rudra movie and how many people have given this movie a good review in ott and how many people do not like this movie, we are going to tell you all this Rudra Web Series This web series is based on a true incident, it is a web series based on which the film will be shown and the story This web series will be seen OTT Review : Rudra on a platform like Hotstar People say that this film gives a message to us that we should be alert and safe, we should show this film to all our friends, this web series is made with a lot of money, till now it has taken 300 crores. and earning People say that the film is very good and the fun of watching on ott is different and we want to see web series like this in future also.

question rudra web series

  1. Will Rudra Series be able to earn 500 crores?
  2. Rudra will be removed from the web series Ott
  3. Did people hate this web series?

Rudra  web series Details

Will Rudra movie be removed, what will not be earned from ott, what has earned Rudra web series, Rudra film will not do much damage in 3 days I will tell you everything, today the truth of Rudra is that he was not being allowed to release on ott, but it is said that there is nothing bigger than money, so the same thing has happened to release the web series. Together, the film has been given separate money for release by big platforms like Disney Plus Hotstar.

Ajay Devgan sir said that we would like the web series, release on ott and some people are saying that the film will not be released, there was a big debate about the web series And regarding this web series, Salman Khan said that I am with Ajay Devgan and when it comes to the film industry, Salman definitely comes to help everyone and went here too Salman’s support and did Salman. Support Ajay And such a big actor has supported the web series, said that we are with you, release the web series and talk about who had done the film, but we should tell you that there are some government jobs which will not happen. Giving the release of The Rudra web series But this web series was released and it was a loss to many people, which also benefited many people in the film industry like Sameer Nair and Ajay Devgan and we should learn from the web series that crime was told for children from crime. Told to avoid is in web series And so far it has earned a lot of money and this web series is going on in India, people are liking it very much, if you have not seen it, then you want to see the web series and will definitely share it.

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