Naziha Salim artist Interesting facts about modern Iraqi artists

Naziha Salim artist Interesting facts about modern Iraqi artists With a doodle on Saturday, Google paid tribute to the pioneering Iraqi painter Naziha Salim, who was known for depicting rural life in her work. “Salim specialised in fresco and mural painting,” stated a remark accompanying the Google Doodle. She worked for a few more years after graduation.

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Naziha Salim artist She’s travelling the world, immersed in art and culture,” said a message that accompanied the Google Doodle. It went on to say, “Her paintings frequently use powerful brush strokes and vibrant colours to show rural Iraqi women and peasant life. Today’s Doodle is a tribute to Salim’s painting style and a salute to her long-time contributions to the art industry!” (sic)

Naziha Salim artist
Naziha Salim artist

1. Naziha Salim artist was born in 1927 in Turkey to an artistic family. She attended the Fine Arts Institute in Baghdad and the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris to study art.

2. The date April 23 is significant in Salim’s career since it is on this day that her work was featured in the UAE-based Barjeel Art Foundation’s collection of female artists’ works.

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3. naziha salim art mother was an embroidery artist and her father was a painter. She has three brothers, each of whom made a significant contribution to the arts. Jawad Salim, one of her brothers, is considered as one of Iraq’s naziha salim artwork most notable sculptors.

4. Naziha Salim artist passion with art began at an early age, when she was surrounded by artists in her neighbourhood, and she began producing her own art pieces.

5. naziha salim She won a scholarship to study at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris after receiving a distinction in the course.

6. Naziha Salim artist She worked and taught at Baghdad’s Fine Arts Institute until she retired.

7. Salim created Al-Ruwwad, a community of foreign-educated artists, and was one of its founding members.

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naziha salim paintings While in Paris, Salim specialised on fresco and mural painting. Al-Ruwwad is a community of artists that welcomes artists from all over the world and blends art skills into the Iraqi aesthetic. Her artwork is on exhibit at the Sharjah Art Museum and the Modern Art Iraqi Archive, and she published the book Iraq: Contemporary Art, which is an important source of information regarding the early growth of Iraq’s modern art movement (MAIA) Naziha Salim, an extraordinary Iraqi painter, was just found. Beautiful. pic.

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