How to get free DJ Alok for April 2022

free DJ Alok for April Free fire players can use unique characters with special abilities to be the last one to survive intense matches. Characters are a desirable aspect of battle royale.

How to get free DJ Alok for April 2022
How to get free DJ Alok for April 2022

Alok is one the most versatile characters in Free Fire. His abilities can increase the speed and movement of players by 10%, and help them recover HP at five per second for five minutes.

Each level has a 45 second cooldown. To make your character stronger, mobile gamers can upgrade it.

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In-game currencies were the only way to purchase characters. The battle royale game now offers the chance to obtain characters free of charge.

How can I get DJ Alok or other characters free of charge in Free Fire

There are currently two main ways that players can claim any character they choose. These are:

  • Try it Free
  • LINK system

Try it Free

The “Get Trial Card” event began on 26 March 2022, and will end in two days on the 15 April 2022. Players had the opportunity to test out any character they wanted by logging in each day.

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How to get free DJ Alok for April 2022

You had to go to the Free Character System of the battle royale game, and then tap on the “Get Trial Card”. They can then equip the character and use its abilities in Battle Royale or Clash Squad matches.

LINK system free fire dj alok

With the most recent major Free Fire update, LINK System was made available. This system allows players the ability to claim their favorite characters by completing certain missions and collecting enough LINK tokens.

These are the missions that players can complete and the LINK tokens they will receive upon completing them.

  • Play 1 match – 2 LINK Tokens
  • Five enemies killed – 1 LINK Token
  • One match in Clash Squad mode – 1 LINK Token
  • Reach the top 5 players in Battle Royale mode – 1 Link Token
  • Play for 60 minutes – 2 LINK tokens
  • Play 8 matches – 1 LINK Token
  • Play for 80 minutes – 2 LINK tokens
  • Play 12 matches – 1 LINK Token
  • free fire dj alok

These LINK tokens can be exchanged by mobile gamers for a Character Selection Crate that is 100 tokens. You can also buy up to four LINK tokens per day, by spending 500 gold coins each.

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Mobile gamers can participate in the content. Creator is diamond giveaways and get free characters. To do the same, they can use Google Play vouchers or Google Opinion rewards.

Disclaimer – Free Fire in India is prohibited. Indian mobile gamers should instead play the MAX version.

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