In Elden Ring, how can you get Blaidd’s Royal Greatsword

In Elden Ring, how can you get Blaidd’s Royal Greatsword Greatswords have long been a mainstay and one of the most dependable weapon kinds in Elden Ring. There are a variety of greatswords and huge weapons to choose from in FromSoftware’s latest RPG, each bringing something fresh and different to the table in terms of weapon arts and movesets. However, one greatsword in particular has piqued the interest of players. It has been a popular weapon of choice for individuals seeking a Quality build with Runes invested in both Strength and Dexterity.

In Elden Ring, how can you get Blaidd's Royal Greatsword
In Elden Ring, how can you get Blaidd’s Royal Greatsword

The weapon is Blaidd’s Royal Greatsword, which the Elden Ring Tarnshied witness Blaidd the NPC using when they visit Ranni’s Rise in Liurnia of the Lakes for the first time.

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Elden Ring, how can you get Blaidd’s Royal Greatsword

Wolf’s Assault is a weapon art that infuses frost into the greatsword and causes the Tarnished to somersault forward, plunging the weapon into the earth. When you pull it out, it fires a chilly blast that deals a lot of AoE damage. The following is how players can obtain Blaidd’s Greatsword in the game.

In Elden Ring, obtaining Blaidd’s Royal Greatsword

In Elden Ring Players will not be able to get their hands on Blaidd’s Royal Greatsword until later in the game. Obtaining it, as well as his full armour set, is part of a larger questline, and the Elden Ring Tarnished will eventually have to defeat him in combat to get their hands on it. Blaidd’s weapon is inextricably linked to Ranni, the Witch’s questline, which must be completed in order to gain the Royal Greatsword. As a result, in order to obtain it, the Elden Ring Tarnished will be required to:

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  • Begin Ranni’s quest by speaking with her at the Ranni’s Rise sub-region of Liurnia of the Lakes. To open Nokron, the Eternal City, players must battle Radahn, the Starscourge in Caelid after activating it. They must then follow her quest’s steps until it finds its conclusion at Moonlight Alter, which is an upland area southwest of Liurnia of the Lakes.
    Players will now be able to get their hands on Balidd’s armour and his Royal Greatsword after completing her questline. As a result, the Elden Ring Tarnished should travel to Ranni’s Rise after completing her questline, where they will discover the NPC kneeling on the ground.
  • Approaching Blaidd now will instantly start a fight in which players must defeat him in order to obtain his armour and weapon. Blaidd might be one of the more challenging encounters in the game, depending on the build chosen by the player. The fight can be made substantially easier if the Tarnished have invested enough Runes in raising their primary stats.
  • Blaidd uses a succession of shashing strikes throughout the fight, and his powers allow him to get a lot of air time because he is always leaping and bouncing around. It’s crucial to maintain a safe distance and only strike back once he’s completed a hefty combination, which a jumping attack will do. Magic users will have an easier time here because they can simply stand back and spam spells.
  • After defeating Blaidd, players will be rewarded with his armour set as well as the Royal Greatsword. Though Blaidd was formerly a friend, the conclusion of Ranni’s mission will eventually turn him against the Tarnished, and players will have to defeat him in order to receive the Tarnished his gear.

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Elden Ring :

Many consider Blaidd’s Royal Greatsword to be one of the best weapons of its kind in the game. The weapon scales well from all three stats, with a stronger emphasis on Strength, with a prerequisite of 26 Strength, 18 Dexterity, and 22 Intelligence. Its weapon art is also extremely adaptable, serving well in both PvE and PvP scenarios.

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