Elden Ring multiplayer not working on PS5 How to fix

Elden Ring multiplayer not working on PS5 How to fix With FromSoftware’s latest effort achieving great success, many fans believe Elden Ring to be the biggest release of 2022 so far. It has been praised by both fans and critics, and many positive things have been stated about it. While the foundation of the game keeps the normal challenging elements seen in souls-like games, there is also a PvP component. Players can either team up in a co-op mode or go head-to-head for a variety of rewards. While gamers may experience all of this on PlayStation’s next-generation hardware, network problems are always a possibility.

Elden Ring multiplayer not working on PS5 How to fix
Elden Ring multiplayer not working on PS5 How to fix


Elden Ring It’s inevitable that when a game has an online component, there may be network troubles. While some of these flaws are the fault of the players, others are the fault of the developers. Knowing the causes can assist players in resolving issues and continuing their gaming experiences.

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Network issues in Elden Ring for the PlayStation 5

elden ring release date have a variety of reasons and solutions.
Elden Ring has been one of the most popular PlayStation 5 games. However, being unable to play the multiplayer portion of the game can lead to less-than-satisfactory results. Certain causes have straightforward answers. Others, on the other hand, may be too difficult for the players or out of their hands.

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elden ring release date It’s possible that a player’s internet connection isn’t working properly at times. Such events can result in frequent disconnections in the online mode, which must be resolved. If the issue is with the ISP, there are few options available to players. Resetting the router is one way to troubleshoot any issues on the player’s end. Before resetting the router, players should complete the necessary measures to get it up and running again. Another important consideration is to ensure that there are no concerns with portability. Strict NATs can limit the online gaming experience, but they can thankfully be changed to a moderate or open type. If there’s a problem, a wired connection can also help the available bandwidth.

Elden Ring multiplayer error Fix

  • This is primarily due to the game’s incorrect network settings. If you don’t know, the game’s network settings can be modified from within the game. It can be accessed from the in-game menu’s “system” option. From there, players must select the Network tab, which contains three settings.
  • Set the “Perform Matchmaking” option for cross-region play.
  • “Play Online” should be selected as the launch option.
  • The multiplayer problem can be erased after making these changes and agreeing to a data agreement.
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Elden Ring players can create passwords for their online sessions to protect their personal information. However, if players want to play with others, this could result in an accidental session failure. It’s relatively easy to fix because all a player has to do is leave the password blank. The game session is started with a blank password, allowing users to play together.

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Elden Ring, like many video games, goes through periodic maintenance and is occasionally shut down. Attempting to play online during such times may result in failure, and there is little players can do in such circumstances. Checking the game’s server status is one thing that players should do. Any such news is usually announced on the developers’ official Twitter account. When the multiplayer is down, checking them can help the player figure out if the problem is on their end or not.

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