Does cookie run kingdom Cherry Blossom Cookie live up to the hype

Does cookie run kingdom Cherry Blossom Cookie live up to the hype Since the release of Sorbet Shark on the Cookie Run: Kingdom community’s screens, fans have come to anticipate a lot from Ambush Cookies. Add in the fact that Cherry Blossom Cookie is one of the most beloved characters from Ovenbreak, and it’s easy to see why there’s so much excitement for her debut.

Does cookie run kingdom Cherry Blossom Cookie live up to the hype
Does cookie run kingdom Cherry Blossom Cookie live up to the hype

Read on to see how well the Cookie has tested real-world usage in Cookie Run: Kingdom’s first week.

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, does Cherry Blossom Cookie live up to the hype?

In-game, the Cookie’s description reads:

cookie run kingdom Prepare for a deluge of cherry blossoms! Cherry Blossom Cookie flies up to sprinkle cherry blossoms down on her foes, causing area damage. She will deal more damage to non-Cookie opponents and boost all allies’ ATK: the bonus value will be determined by the number of enemies hit with the skill.

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cookie run kingdom 

The Cookie is the third update in the Heroes of Dark Cacao series, but players will have to wait until the next one to find out what happens to the Kingdom and its hotly contested throne.

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cookie run kingdom update information

cookie run kingdom update information The Cookie’s character design is inspired on Mary Poppins, and she retains her ties with Pancake and Cherry from the Ovenbreak version, albeit her talents have been completely overhauled.

cookie run kingdom update

cookie run kingdom On the plot front, Cookie Run: Kingdom fans were looking forward to the import of her OvenBreak storyline, which would have meant a slew of other Cookies joining the CRK universe after her. Unfortunately, this has not happened, and no formal statement has been issued.

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Cherry Blossom Cookie’s statistics in Cookie Run: Kingdom cookie run kingdom update

cookie run kingdom On the numbers front, Cherry Blossom appears to be tailored to specific team compositions and playstyles. In comparison to other Epic Ambush Cookies like Sorbet Shark, her “Cherry Blossom Rain” ability will not deliver optimal value for the average Cookie Run: Kingdom player. The ATK benefit she delivers to all allies, which stacks with every skill cast, appears to be the key point in favour of the character in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

cookie run kingdom update Her ability requires her to soar up behind enemy lines and unleash a shower of cherry blossoms on the enemy, dealing AoE damage to all foes trapped in their radius when they crash on the ground. This ability deals increased damage to non-Cookie opponents.

  • base of 17 seconds Cooldown
  • DMG from a single hit: 48.3 percent
  • (+0.66% DMG each level)
  • Non-Cookie targets receive additional
  • DMG: ten percent
  • The DMG drops by 20.0 percent for every
  • three hits (cannot get decreased by more
  • than 80.0 percent )
  • Stacks up to x10 times with 2.5 percent
  • ATK for 12 seconds.
  • cookie run kingdom update
  • cookie run kingdom update information

Note: cookie run kingdom update The single-hit DMG refers to DMG caught within one Cherry Blossom’s radius dealing one hit to the enemy. This DMG will be magnified several times in battle because a vast collection is unleashed at once. Players’ expectations of her appear to have been considerably exceeded by her DMG numbers, buff profile, and amazing cookie run kingdom update information PvP Arena results. Because of her lack of ties with other Epic Cookies and her occasional defeats by Sorbet Shark, the title of Best Ambush Cookie is still up for grabs in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

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