Everything we know about Call of Dutys Operation Monarch

Everything we know about Call of Dutys Operation Monarch The latest event in Call of Duty: Warzone has been revealed, and it’s a big crossover with one of the most powerful properties of all time. The island of Caldera will soon be infiltrated by King Kong and Godzilla, according to fans of the first-person shooter. Operation Monarch is the name given to this Kaiju crossover, which is a reference to the secretive megacorporation from the current American film series. Godzilla vs. Kong, a movie from Legendary Pictures, was one of the year’s biggest hits, and now fans can see it in their favourite FPS.

Everything we know about Call of Dutys Operation Monarch
Everything we know about Call of Dutys Operation Monarch

When will Call of Duty: Black Ops II have Operation Monarch?

Call of Dutys Operation Monarch Though the official date for Call of Duty’s upcoming event has yet to be published, it has been leaked as part of a large leak. On May 11, 2022, the Operation Monarch event will begin. The event’s poster also included the date of its release, which was announced on Twitter on April 20. Despite a slew of previews and teases, this was the first official confirmation of the event’s content and date.

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What could be in Call of Duty’s Operation Monarch event?

While the complete nature of the event is yet unknown, the teasers do provide a few critical bits of information. The information began with the season’s plot cinematic, but over the next five days, more was released. One of the teasers shows an overhead drone filming the surface of the Caldera, while another shows a dark mining pit. Both films conclude with the appearance of a massive beast, indicating that the Kaiju may be added to the Caldera map. Like the huge dinosaur beasts in Apex Legends’ game maps, Godzilla and King Kong could appear as stage dangers or aesthetic features. However, another teaser offered further information about the event.

Call of Dutys Operation Monarch:

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A preview released on April 16 shows off a lethal arsenal while stating it to be insufficient. New weaponry, including an astounding rifle that glows with the unique blue energy of Godzilla’s radioactive breath, have been developed to compensate.

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Call of Dutys Operation Monarch New weapons or weapon skins, particularly ones that provide operators with Kaiju-killing tools, are likely to be important in this event. Fighting the two most well-known big monsters in cinematic history would be an incredible new challenge for Call of Duty players.

When will Call of Duty fans get further information

Call of Dutys Operation Monarch Quite soon. Players will be contacted about Operation Monarch as soon as today, according to the game’s social media account.

Call of Dutys Operation Monarch Fans of Call of Duty should keep a close eye on their Twitter accounts to learn everything they can about Operation Monarch. This new event has the potential to transform Warzone and pave the way for a completely new type of game.

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