Bhagat Singh Death Anniversary Today

Bhagat Singh Death Anniversary Today On the occasion of the death anniversary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh,

Shaheed Bhagat Singh’s Death Anniversary Bhagat Singh was an Indian revolutionary and independence fighter. They don’t need any more introduction. At a young age, Bhagat Singh was slain for the cause of India. The homeland was more important to him than anything else. He battled for freedom and placed his life on the line till his dying breath. Bhagat Singh was born in the hamlet of Banga in the district of Lyallpur, Punjab, on December 28, 1907. (now in Pakistan). He boldly defied the British Empire by detonating a bomb in Delhi’s Central Assembly. Following this occurrence, he was hung by the British government on March 23, 1931. Rajguru and Sukhdev, two more of Bhagat Singh’s friends, were also hung. When Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, and Sukhdev were about to be hanged, it is believed that they were joking about and sang “Mera Rang De Basanti Chola, Mera Rang De.” Rang De Basanti Chola, Mera Rang De Basanti Chola, Rang De Basanti Chola, Rang De Basanti Chola, Rang De Basanti Chola, Rang De Basanti Chola Shaheed Bhagat Singh’s death anniversary is today (March 23). Let us learn about some of Bhagat Singh’s precious and inspiring words, which are still a source of motivation for all young people.

Bhagat Singh Death
Bhagat Singh Death Anniversary: Today

4th of October, 1930

Greetings, Father!

I was astonished to read that you had filed an application for my defense with the Special Tribunal. I couldn’t face the news in quiet since it was too painful. This news has thrown my life into disarray by upsetting my inner tranquility. I’m not sure what type of application you can create in this case or on this subject.

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As your son, I completely understand and appreciate your views and intentions, but I also recognize that you had no right to file such petitions without consulting me. You are aware that my political ideas vary significantly from yours. Regardless of your approval or disapproval, I have always worked freely.

Bhagat Singh Death Anniversary: Today

You will recall that you have been attempting to persuade me to take my case seriously and present my defense correctly from the beginning, but you also know that I will constantly reject it. I’ve never indicated a desire to defend myself, nor have I ever looked into the matter seriously.

You are aware that we are pursuing the matter in accordance with a certain policy. Every action I do must be consistent with this policy, my values, and our program. The scenario now is quite different. Even if the circumstances were different, I would have been the last to defend. In this whole trial, there was only one point of view that I had, and that was that despite the major claims leveled against us, we should act in full disdain of them.

Bhagat Singh Death
Bhagat Singh Death Anniversary: Today

Bhagat Singh Death Anniversary: 

In such cases, all political workers, in my opinion, should exhibit disdain and laugh at the heaviest penalty meted out to them. This notion has guided our planning throughout the experiment. It is not my responsibility to determine whether or not we were successful. The Viceroy said in his announcement announcing the Lahore Conspiracy Case Ordinance that the conspirators were attempting to destabilize the city’s peace and order.

The scenario that emerged as a result of this provided us with the chance to submit this topic to the public so that we may see for ourselves if we or our opponents are attempting to undermine peace, order, and law. On this subject, there may be differing viewpoints. Maybe you’re one of the people that disagrees with me on this. That does not, however, imply that you should act on my behalf without first contacting me. My life is not as valuable as you believe. Other partners, in addition to myself, have situations that are just as bad as mine. We’ve agreed on a strategy and will stick to it until the very last minute.

Bhagat Singh Death

Father, I’m in a bad mood. I’m concerned that by criticizing you or, more importantly, denouncing your behavior, I’ll be crossing the line of civilization, and my remarks will come across as harsh. But I’ll make my point loud and clear. If someone else treated me like way, I would consider them a traitor, but all I can say about you is that you have a flaw.

It was a period when we were all being put to the test. I regret to inform you that you have failed this examination. I’m sure you’re as patriotic as any other citizen. I realize that you have dedicated your whole life to ensuring India’s independence, but I am baffled as to why you displayed such weakness at this important point.

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Finally, I’d want to express my displeasure with your decision to you, your friends, and anybody else who is interested in my situation. Even now, I am opposed to offering any kind of defense in court. Even if the court had granted some of our colleagues’ request for clarification, I would not have supplied any explanation.

Bhagat Singh Death
Bhagat Singh Death Anniversary: Today

The petitions I submitted to the Tribunal during my hunger strike, as well as the interview I gave at that time, have been misrepresented and published in the press, and I would want to clarify them. However, I’ve never been a fan of giving an explanation. My companions at the Bostel jail saw this as a betrayal on their behalf, as well as a betrayal on my part.

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