How to complete the new Bangalore Event in Apex Legends

How to complete the new Bangalore Event in Apex Legends Almost single character in Apex Legends has lore offered to them in the form of Apex Chronicles, and the most recent one gives a small glimpse into Bangalore’s life. Bangalore’s most recent Apex Chronicle, dubbed “The William Sendoff,” was released on March 29, 2022. The story is separated into five chapters, with each chapter requiring players to fulfil a task in the Firing Range. The deadline to finish all challenges is April 12, 2022, after which the legend will vanish.

How to complete the new Bangalore Event in Apex Legends
How to complete the new Bangalore Event in Apex Legends

How to accomplish Apex Legends’ newest Bangalore Event

Bangalore, a character that uses smokes as a tactical technique to cover foes’ sight and flee fights, is the latest Apex Legends Chronicle. The entire lore is divided into five chapters, with four of them being challenges. Prologue, Scout of Action, Jackson’s “Bow-Out,” Smoke Show, and Finale: Say Goodbye are the titles of the chapters.

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All of these challenges are simple to complete and must be done inside the Firing Range. The following is the procedure for completing each task at the Bangalore Event:

1) Scout of Action Competition

How to complete the new Bangalore Event in Apex Legends

The first chapter begins with a “Scout of Action” challenge. It’s a straightforward task in which players must enter the Firing Range as Bangalore and take the G7 Scout off the pedestal. From that time forward, the Scout of Action challenge begins. All that is required of players is to shoot down 35 blue targets in under a minute. The challenge is simple to complete, as players may shoot over 35 targets in under a minute. A cut-scene will begin after the task is accomplished, unlocking the Scout of Action loading screen as well.

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2) The “Bow-Out” Challenge by Michael Jackson

How to complete the new Bangalore Event in Apex Legends
How to complete the new Bangalore Event in Apex Legends

The second challenge is similar to Scout of Action, but it involves using the Bocek Bow in a different way. To complete this challenge, players must also enter the Firing Range. To begin the challenge, they must first proceed to the far left of the Range and take the Bow from the pedestal, where they must do 1000 damage with the bow in under a minute. The target, on the other hand, is not stable and moves back and forth in a constant and linear motion. The target grows increasingly erratic and unexpected as the timing approaches zero, making it difficult for players to shoot. This task isn’t as simple as the Scout of Action, but it’s doable in the time provided. When it’s finished, Another loading screen, containing the Bow-Out cinematic, will be available to players.

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3) The Challenge of the Smoke Show

The “Smoke Show” is the lore’s third challenge. Players must do 1250 damage to the dummies with a P2020 pistol in under a minute while hidden behind smoke to complete this challenge. The P2020 comes with a Digital Threat, which allows the outlines of the dummies inside the smoke to be seen. The most difficult of the three challenges, this one demands players to go to the pedestal with the pistol hidden between the two left platforms. Players will be able to get a new Apex Legends loading screen featuring Bangalore and Loba after finishing the challenge.

4) Say Goodbye Challenge (Finale)

The final obstacle in ‘The William Sendoff’ is less of a challenge and more of a farewell to a member of her family. “Say Goodbye” is the title of the chapter. A portion of Storm Point with a couple of destroyed boats appears, with Bangalore attending a burial. In Apex Legends’ Bangalore backstory, this is by far the easiest challenge to do. As a reward, a rare Bangalore Pack containing legend-specific items and crafting ingredients will be unlocked.

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