Ark Lost Island resource map: Location of all resources in the game

Ark Lost Island Ark Lost Island resource map: Location of all resources in the game is a survival game, which means that gathering resources and overcoming obstacles are the two most important components of the game. Without the resources, will be unable to create the necessary items to survive natural disasters and hazardous monsters. Everything from soothing thirst to regulating hunger to building bases, taming creatures, and producing weapons requires resources.

Ark Lost Island resource map: Location of all resources in the game
Ark Lost Island resource map: Location of all resources in the game

Although most types of resources are abundant on the map, acquiring them is difficult because not every resource site is easily accessible. Furthermore, not every such site has sufficient resources, so users may wind up wasting their time.

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Because of the hazardous monsters there, not every resource’s location is safe to find early in the game. There are a few resources that are quite difficult to come by.

Locations of all resources on Ark Lost Island

1) Black Pearls:

ark lost island resource map The locations of all the black pearls are on the seabed. 54.7, 71, the Artifact of Cunning Cave, is one of the top black pearl spots. On the first opening of the cave, gamers can view a lake after passing through the easily accessible entrance. There are also a lot of black pearls in it. The Artifact of Strong cave, located at 27.3, 55.5, is another option, but players must be wary of the nasty animals that inhabit it.

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2) Cactus: Ark Lost Island

Users in the desert can obtain a lot of cacti at 78.2, 65.3. It’s not only the specific spot; cactus may be found all around the map’s desert region. Those cacti can provide plenty of sap to gamers.

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In Ark Lost Island, there are numerous sites and methods for obtaining large quantities of cementing paste. It’s usually made with a laboratory bench or a mortar and pestle. There are, however, more efficient methods, such as utilising Beelzebufo to attack Meganeuras and Titanomyrmas or constructing an Achatina Paste farm. Scavenging beaver dams and other sources of food At the bottom right corner of the map, where the rivers meet the sea and form three islands, there are numerous beaver dams.

4) Chitin Ark Lost Island

ark lost island resource map The region at the bottom of the waterfall in 37.1, 32.6 is overrun with Arthropluera and other bugs. It’s an excellent location for chitin farming. Megatherium is a good place for gamers to get a lot of chitin. Megatherium’s bug boost triggers after killing one bug, dealing 4x damage to bugs and making this chore much easier.

5) Crystal Ark Lost Island

On the Lost Island map, the snow cave at 30.5, 52.5 has the best crystal spawning spot. Users can obtain a large number of crystals by passing through the entryway and heading left from the first clearing.

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6) Gems Ark Lost Island

ark lost island resource map Gamers can find red, blue, and green gems generated in random locations throughout the Lost Island area. However, there is one place where they all generate at the same time. Because this is a 21, 17.8 underwater cave, players will need dive gear. All three types of gems have hatched together in a small air pocket area in the cave.

7) Metal Ark Lost Island

ark lost island resource map Metals spawn at a variety of locations, most notably at the tops of mountains or near them. A mountain at 60, 60 spawns a slew of high-quality metal nodes. Users can locate a lot of metal on and around the mountain in the 89, 70 desert biome. It also has the most metal spawning spots on the Lost Island map. Residents of the snow castle can visit a neighbouring snow mountain, which is located at 38, 38. A small number of rich metal nodes will exist.

8) Obsidian Ark Lost Island

Players must go underwater to reach the cave at 59, 47.5. They will be greeted with some silicas as soon as they enter. They will see another opening if they take the left tunnel, where there are many black pearls, particularly obsidians.

9) Oil Ark Lost Island

Oil, which is used to manufacture gasoline and many industrial structures, is another resource discovered beneath the water. Lots of oil veins can be located at 31.5, 24 under a lake. This location isn’t very deep, and there are a lot of oil veins here.

10) Polymer Ark Lost Island

Gamers can use a fabricator to make polymers, however the quickest way to gain polymer in Ark Lost Island is to harvest organic polymers. They must travel to the desert biome at 81.0, 53.8 for easy organic polymer farming. In this location, many Mantises spawn, and users can utilise Wyvern to quickly kill them and gather a large amount of organic polymers. Organic polymers can also be obtained by harvesting them from penguins. Many penguins hatch around 40, 43 on a lake in the snow biome. Even more polymers are produced by smaller penguins.

11) Silica: Ark Lost Island

Silica pearl is a necessary component in the creation of modern products and electronics. To collect a large amount of silica pearls, users must head to 35.4, 88 near the map’s eastern global boundary and dive under the water. 11.9, 43.1 is the other place. Players can observe a canyon-like rock formation underwater if they dive down from here. There will be a lot of silica pearls between the two rocks.

12) Silk Ark Lost Island

Silk is a valuable material needed to make tents and whips. At 78.2, 65.3, the same location as the cacti, silk can be found. Gamers can either kill Lymantria and harvest silk from them or go to the islands at 78.0, 41.3 to find the silk plants.

13) Sulfur Ark Lost Island

A place full of rich resources like sulphur crystals may be found at 24.3, 59.5, atop a cliff near the lava river. Many Wyvern nests spawn here, therefore it’s best to keep away from them.

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