AMERICAN GIRL DOLL TEETH EXPLAINED VIRAL TREND American Girl Doll Teeth has returned to TikTok for the first time since January 2021. This new beauty standard has been adopted by thousands of girls from the Mattel-owned company. But what do ‘American Girl Doll Teeth’ look like and why do so many people want them?

American Girl Doll Teeth

Since the beginning of time itself, American Girl Dolls have existed (May 1986). Since the beginning of the decade in 2010, they have frequently been the focus of memes, from the demanding Vine girl to the phoney “Karen” ad.

But in January 2021, the American Girl Doll experienced a comeback. In a video they released on TikTok, @_evies_life claimed that American Girl Doll Teeth whereas “girls” try to “show their top teeth when talking,” dolls “don’t even have to try.”

American Girl Doll Teeth As a result of the video, a lot of young girls have been checking their “American Girl Doll Teeth” on TikTok. Currently, #AmericanGirlDollTeeth has received over 13 million views. Those who did possess the essential for beauty were absolutely content with it!
So, what do American Girl Doll teeth actually look like?

American Girl Doll Teeth It’s reasonable to say that nobody ever noticed the American Girl dolls’ teeth before TikTok. You’re probably not thinking about the orthodontics of the piece of plastic in front of you while you’re dressing them up, making imaginary worlds, and living your greatest life.

American Girl Doll Teeth The dolls all have a similar set of front teeth that lie on their lower lips and are slightly bucked.

This sparkling grin is still there American Girl Doll Teeth

American Girl Doll Teeth The TikTok e-Girl culture has made smiling a defining characteristic. Along with drape fringe, winged liner and Monster High merchandise, American Girl Doll teeth are a requirement.

Twitter users weren’t as serious about the trend.
Other Twitter users have been making fun of the hashtag while Stan Twitter has been posting their favourites while unintentionally following the trend. In fact, user Julia Pershing likened it to Nelson Muntz from The Simpsons.

American Girl Doll Teeth When users discovered they, too, had American Girl Doll teeth, their reactions were varied. One person suggested “#Normalise American Girl Doll teeth.” I am proud to say, “I have it.


I haven’t had tranquilly since I discovered I have American girl doll teeth,” a different person acknowledged.


  • It’s tough to tell where this fad will go next because ‘American Girl Doll Cankles’ are also on the increase.

The ‘American Girl Doll Teeth’ are what?

Recall your childhood doll play with feminine dolls. Have you ever scrutinised their teeth? Most likely not, after all, who would?

You probably wouldn’t think about the doll’s teeth when dressing up and having tea parties. However, if you ever look at an American female doll’s teeth, you’ll see that they are all the same.

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